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Tencel fabric is actually a fibre brand, not a type of fabric. Fabrics produced from these fibres are called tencel fabrics. Tencel is the trade name for lyocell fibre. It retains its brightness and color even after many washings, so it has high colour fastness. The absorbency of tencel is also very high. By making use of this feature, perfect absorbency of the fibre is achieved during wet finishing processes.

What is Tencel Fabric?

It is a breathable, durable fabric type thanks to its features, which has an important potential in the textile and clothing industry. Its structure is durable, soft-textured, draped, stylish and useful; however, although it is referred to as a fabric name, it is not a fabric name. Tencel is a fabric of botanical origin. If you ask what tencel fabric is, it is a registered trademark of the Lenzing company headquartered in Austria, the main raw material of the product is a fiber obtained from the eucalyptus tree.

Tencel Material

Tencel, which is the preferred fabric both in our country and in the world due to its strong and breathable structure, has many features. Tencel fabrics, which have different properties from each other, have an important potential in terms of use. This type of fabric, which is similar to cellulosic structures such as linen and cotton, stands out with certain features.

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    It has a durable structure,

  • It is resistant to mechanical processes,
  • It is both soft and hygienic,
  • It has the feature of breathing with its naturalness,
  • Does not sweat the body,
  • Wrinkles fast but smooths out as fast as it wrinkles
  • Maintains its shine and colour despite many washings,
  • It is flexible,
  • It has absorbency.

How is Tencel Made?

Tencel is obtained from specially grown tree logs by fibre spinning method. It is an environmentally friendly fibre as the draft melt can be recycled again.

The stages are as follows:

Making a solution from wood pulp

Wood pulp is broken down and broken in amino oxide solution without cellulose chains. The amino oxide solution is a non-toxic organic solution and can be recycled and reused without harming the environment.

Ensuring fibre withdrawal from the solution

The prepared solution is passed through steel plates called duse, resembling a shower head and containing hundreds of holes according to the fiber thickness and shape to be produced.

Washing the fibre to remove the solvent

The fibres coming out of the duches are washed before drying and the solvent is removed. A very small amount of waste is produced during production and these wastes are harmless. Also, the energy consumption is less.


The fibres that are removed as a final process are dried and made ready for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tencel a Luxury Fabric?

Tencel fabrics are used in textile fields. From daily wear to formal wear, you can see tencel fabrics everywhere. It is a comfortable and elegant fabric. Today, it is possible to come across tencel fabric in most of the home textile products. It is also preferred as upholstery and covering fabric. It is among the first choices in home textile products, thanks to its easy cleaning, its ability to trap moisture, its non-staining and natural structure. Therefore, tencel is a luxurious fabric.

Is Tencel a Breathable Fabric?

Tencel fabrics have the ability to absorb moisture. When sweating occurs beforehand, it does not give a feeling of discomfort thanks to its absorption feature.

Is Tencel Fabric Flexible?

It is actually a type of fiber. Its fibers emerge thanks to cellulose taken from birch, oak and eucalyptus plants. In this way, it is both flexible and never loses its flexibility. It is similar to cotton and linen fabrics in terms of type.

Does Tencel Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Tencel fabric does not shrink, thanks to its flexible structure. The fabric never loses its shine, color and properties.

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