How GFN Disrupts the Fabric Business?

During the last decade, digitalization became the key to rapid growth and expansion in many industries. As expected, there have been changes in the clothing industry, too. However, these changes have not been enough to revolutionize the industry yet. The 3D printing, online collections, and 3D simulation of fabric models are only the beginning of a digital transformation.

In a world that digitalization is becoming more crucial to businesses in every sector, nobody can merely stay the same. The industry should get rid of the heavy burdens of the traditional ways and keep face with the digital transformation. One of the changes that must be made was about how the fabric suppliers and potential buyers get together. This is why the Global Fabric Network was founded. The GFN aims to lead the digital transformation in the fabric industry by establishing a new way of communication between fabric suppliers and potential buyers.

A New Era of Fabric Industry Starts Now

The fabric market, accounting for $180 billion, still doesn’t have a global platform that connects suppliers and buyers due to security and privacy concerns. The traditional way of trade in the fabric industry is challenging, there are many struggles every supplier and buyer faces in fabric fairs. Selling fabric and reaching the materials one needs is tricky in a global setup, and the process can have substantial monetary costs. Besides the financial costs, visiting fabric fairs takes both energy and time.

GFN is offering a digital marketplace where fabric suppliers and prospect buyers can connect without monetary and opportunity costs. With its value proposition, GFN is leading the transformation in the fabric industry.

How did GFN Reshape?

As the Fabric Industry

Let’s have a look at the process of traditional fabric search time today. It can take time up to 15 days to complete a fabric search. The buyer starts with visiting fabric exhibitions, going from booth back to see if the fabric he/she needs is available. If the fabric or pattern is available, then comes the phase of choosing the fabric, requesting a swatch, and after the final selection, the sampling order is placed. Moreover, since the suppliers don’t have a network to showcase the newly designed and manufactured fabrics to potential customers, most fabrics sit on dusty shelves and lost their value.

Now, the GFN is offering a solution to the common problems for fabric suppliers and prospective buyers in the fabric industry. The fabric suppliers can promote their fabrics, follow new trends in the industry, get swatch requests and reach buyers instantly while cutting the previous monetary and opportunity costs. Moreover, the potential buyers can find what they need among thousands of fabric samples in a matter of minutes and and swatch lead time is shortened from 12 days to only three days. In a nutshell, the problems both fabric suppliers and buyers have been facing will radically decrease if not be eradicated with the help of the Global Fabric Network.

A Closer Look to Global Fabric Network

The social media-based interface of the GFN mobile application makes it user-friendly. The buyer can find the fabrics he/she is looking for just in minutes by using the proper filters. Price comparison is fundamental in the fabric trade, and now there is an easier way to do it. The buyer can compare several suppliers’ fabric collections and shop for the right price that meets their business's particular needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of every digitalized industry, and it's the same for the fabric industry. The Global Fabric Network application utilizes a unique AI-based search engine that enhances the experience by searching and finding fabrics so much faster than before. Buyers all around the world can choose among the largest fabric collections, which are updated daily by suppliers. Buyers also have the chance to easily request swatches from suppliers with respect to their fabric selections.

The fabric industry's digital marketplace, the Global Fabric Network, is helping suppliers to reach more buyers without compromising the value of their fabrics and solves the problems by getting new buyers. The buyers don’t have to travel the world to find the fabric they need. The GFN creates a perfect solution and sets forth a new era in the fabric industry.

You can become a part of the future by getting a membership through the GFN mobile app or the web portal. Click down and enjoy the power of digitalization in the fabric business!

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