1. What is Global Fabric Network?

GFN is a marketplace for SUPPLIERS and BUYERS. Buyers can access the platform via GFN mobile application which they can download from App Store or Google Play Store. Suppliers can manage all their operations by logging in to GFN portal via their web browsers.

Buyers can now search & find fabrics globally, ask for swatches that will be delivered to their addresses and contact to suppliers with one click totally free.

Click here to download GFN mobile interface manuel for buyers.

2. What makes GFN so simple and easy-to-use?

Global Fabric Network offers an AI based fabric search experience with several popular filters like fabric type, composition, price, pattern, color and many more. With the additional 'hashtag' filtering option, buyers can now reach out to suppliers and fabrics of their interest in minutes through easy-to-use interfaces.

3. Where does most fabric come from?


Global Fabric Network is a global platform open to all suppliers around the world. Currently, majority of the fabrics listed in our platform are offered by Turkish fabric suppliers. We are including suppliers from other countries and expanding our coverage day by day.

4. Where do clothing companies get their fabric?

Most of the clothing companies buy their fabrics from fabric factories and/or fabric agencies by contacting them via in-person visits, phone or emails. Evolution of digital marketplaces, enabled fast, reliable, easy to use commerce capabilities to all entities globally. Yet, we still don’t see such digital transformation in fabric industry. With its focus on fabric business, GFN is the only platform offering this transformation to fabric suppliers and buyers.

5. What is the best online fabric store?

Currently it is possible to use online marketplaces offering a huge range of products including fabrics. Since these marketplaces are not focusing only on fabric industry, capabilities like swatch requests, clothing line collection listings and supplier communications are not available. With its focus on fabric business only, Global Fabric Network is the best online wholesale fabric store today.

6. Is it entirely free of charge to order swatch?

Yes! Global Fabric Network is totally free for all authorized members.

7. What are the advantages of using GFN?


Traditional way to access fabrics is to attend fairs, visit fabric agencies or suppliers. This process is time consuming, requires extensive effort and expensive especially in todays’ market conditions. In case of swatch requests, buyers are facing a similar scenario in which contacting the right suppliers is crucial. GFN platform offers a highly connected fully digital experience to all users, where all these operations are at users’ fingertips. GFN is the new digital gateway between buyers and suppliers.

8 What is the difference between the Global Fabric Network and Fabric Fairs?

Attending a fabric fair has its advantages due to physical interactions. But when the planning efforts, travel times, logistic costs are taken into consideration these fairs’ efficiency is questionable. Global Fabric Network utilizes the power of IT revolution and digitization in fabric sourcing. As an online fabric sourcing platform, GFN enables buyers to fulfill their fabric demands any time anywhere via their mobile devices.

9. What are the different samples involved for fabric sourcing?

Sampling is a complex process with many stages: pattern making & classification, fabric development & processing, raw material supply, printing, embroidery and sample quality control.

In the apparel supply chain, buyers need to ensure that the products they source from their global suppliers meet their design, construction, material quality and conformity requirements. They are in close contact with suppliers to have high quality finished products.

Ready-to-wear manufacturers have to inspect sample products to check products’ alignment with global standards (BSCI, BSI, Amfori, oekoteks, etc.)

Global Fabric Network fabric listing features are organized in a way that the buyers can access these details and contact to suppliers in case anything is needed.

10. What is fabric sourcing in textile?

Fabric supply is the basis of the garment industry. The color, pattern, construction, production standards, touch of the fabric are among the most important factors that determine the price of the finished product and the section in which it will be sold.

With Global Fabric Network, fabrics are categorized and displayed with respect to buyer relevancy metrics. GFN lists the fabrics in the most suitable order to the buyers, so the buyers access fabrics in a fast and efficient way.

11. Where can I buy fabric wholesale?

There are a number of ways to buy fabrics today:


- From Fabric Factories: It is possible to directly contact to fabric factories to buy the requested fabrics. But, checking manufacturer’s production quality, capacity, references, document and certification is a long process. In some cases, it is not even possible to retrieve relevant information on time.

- From Fairs: Attending and meeting with suppliers in autumn/summer and spring/winter fairs is also another way to buy fabrics. These fairs are held in a few fashion cities with the attendance of mostly world-wide known manufacturers. Time and monetary costs are high. Since the collections are prepared 7/8 seasons a year now, it is not easy to reach new, up-to-date fabrics.

- From Fabric Supplier Web Portals: Suppliers have their own web pages – online storefronts to display their fabric collections. On one hand this enables buyers to have a faster access to fabrics, but the other hand since each supplier ahs its own web page buyers have to spend considerable time to search & find fabrics. Also it is not easy to keep track of all these separate web portal activities (swatch requests, samples, bookmarks etc.) separately and in parallel.

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