About Us


Murat Sağlam

An innovative leader with years of fabric industry experience as a buyer. A perfectionist looking for better ways of doing every process. A successful businessman exporting to 50+ countries, a world traveler and a great chef.


Arif Üsküplü

A visionary entrepreneur who spend years around the world as a fabric supplier. Knows fabric business from A to Z, the architect who designed the core of all our supplier processes. Loves quality food, reading and writing.

We’re a group of experienced entrepreneurs with one goal: leading the digital transformation in the fabric industry. 

Murat is the one who came up with the idea. He knows the burdens of being a buyer. There are thousands of suppliers and millions of fabric alternatives with different characteristics but finding what he has in mind is not easy. Even when he decides to buy a fabric, he knows there are many other alternatives out of his reach. His idea was to come up with a platform that will optimize the process both for suppliers and buyers. His question was:

“Why can’t I use a mobile app to search and order fabrics that best fits my needs?
Why is it so hard to reach suppliers in this digital world?”

Arif is our other founder who knows the burdens of being a supplier. He has been in business for 15+ years, attended several fairs, visited thousands of customers and send several catalogs all over the world. He spend years in Hong Kong, South Korea, China, France and in many more countries.  His question was:

“Why cant we use a mobile app very similar to the ones we use everyday, to offer our fabrics to  buyers? Why is it so hard to reach buyers?

Coming from different backgrounds, they can see the whole picture form different perspectives:

  • They know exactly how suppliers and buyers feel.
  • They know the hardness of selling fabrics and reaching fabrics especially in a global setup.
  • They know both the monetary and opportunity costs of attending fairs. The never ending trips, the money spent in every day, every hour. The energy and the time needed to visit all the booths and taking to all the visitors.

But most importantly they know there is a better way, a solution to all these:  GLOBAL FABRIC NETWORK, a digital marketplace connecting fabric suppliers with prospect buyers all over the world.

Suppliers: You can now promote your fabrics, follow the trends, get swatch requests and reach buyers instantly.

Buyers: Millions of fabrics are at your fingertips. Searching and finding fabrics, requesting swatches is now at your fingertips.

We are GLOBAL FABRIC NETWORK and in today’s digital era we will disrupt and transform the fabric business all over the world...

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